West Sussex Primaries FAQs

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The introduction of a linked online payment and meal selection system will enable parents to be confident that they are in complete control of the meal choices for their child, and that they will receive the meal they have selected even if they are the last in the queue to have their lunch regardless of if that meal is a paid meal or a free meal. It will also allow for a robust system that enables all children with allergens and intolerances to view only meals that are suitable for their specific requirements and receive the meal they selected.

Below is a list of FAQs for Schools, if you are supporting a parent with a query, you can direct them to ParentPay’s Parent FAQs https://www.parentpay.com/parent-faqs/

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Category 1

What happens if a parent cannot use technology or has no Wi-Fi or non-English speaking?

The school can order for the child for the whole term in one go.

What if a large number of parents don’t order, how much spare food would be available so they don’t go hungry?

School should check orders on a Thursday, remind parents and ensure orders are placed.

How will the school know if a parent is supplying a packed meal rather than forgetting to order?

Currently schools order for all UIFSM and FSM pupils, schools should continue with their current process, however, the benefit of the new system is that schools can check the no-collection report and discuss with parents if they will need meals ordering for them.

What if a parent consistently doesn’t order for a FSM child?

The school will need to speak to the parent and find out the issue.

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Category 2

How do we handle UIFSM parents ordering meals but then sending in a packed lunch?

Schools can check the no-collection report and discuss with parents if they are consistently not collecting ordered meals.

What if the child doesn’t want the meal ordered for them?

We need to mindful that this was a meal chosen for the child by their parent, we will accommodate as best we can and work with the school on individual cases, but the parent must be informed if a different meal is offered.

Do I have to pay for ParentPay?

No, Chartwells are funding ParentPay licence as part of their catering service. Should schools wish they can use the system for other services at no additional cost.

I currently use a cashless provider for school related items such as trips, uniform etc that isn’t ParentPay, can I use this payment provider for the new system?

No, parents must log and book meals via ParentPay and if needed, pay for school lunches. If schools want to use ParentPay in the future for uniform and trips to allow parents one log in for school lunches and school related items, this can be set up. This could be accessed at no cost to schools and would allow for parents to have one log in for all cashless payments.

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Category 3

What happens if pupils are going on a school trip?

Schools have until 9.30am on a Monday morning to check parent orders for the following full week. If any pupils are attending an offsite trip schools can deselect the orders and email 73041@compass-group.co.uk titled Trip Meal Order with the additional packed lunches that need to be ordered. See your Office Guide for further details.

Who is responsible if a parent gets into debt?

The School is responsible for working with the parent to resolve debt issues. Schools can send Debt reminder and final reminder emails direct from ParentPay using templates provided.

What happens if a child has forgotten their lunch but their is no balance on their ParentPay account?

The Kitchen will serve a safe meal to the child and the parent’s account will go into negative balance and will be resolved through the School’s debt management process.

Parent’s are asking how to login and pay for meals

In the first instance direct parents to ParentPay’s parent FAQs https://www.parentpay.com/parent-faqs/ which has a wealth of useful information for parents.

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Category 4

Parents are having a problem accessing their ParentPay account

Email ParentPay parent support.

Parent are having difficulty ordering a meal

Email school admin.

School are having difficulty ordering meals for pupils or staff

Email Chartwells.

Schools are having difficulty with setting up or ordering non-meal items

This is outside the Chartwells service and schools must contact ParentPay school Support.

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Category 5

Schools have a problem with their ParentPay Site

ParentPay School Support.

Schools have a problem with the Cypad application

Contact Cypad Support.

Problem with GMA/Cater login/ site 

Contact ParentPay project manager, once in BAU – contact ParentPay Support.

Problem with Cypad tablet

Contact Cypad support to raise a ticket against issue.