It’s time to start speaking your students' language

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Starting secondary school means big changes. New peers, teachers, subjects, and more homework. However, this change also brings about newfound independence and confidence. A part of this independence includes the ability to choose your own food and drink during school hours.

For many students, the lunch break is the best part of their school day. A chance to sit with their friends, chat, catch up and of course come rain or shine, play on the school field or playground.

But for us, the lunch break is so much more than that. Our duty is to make sure that each and every student enjoys a healthy and nutritious meal each and every day. But every minute of the hour break counts for both students and staff at school, and a busy and hectic dining room can deter students from entering the school canteen, instead relying on a packaged lunch from home or, no lunch at all.

So how do we bring students back into the school canteen for a healthy and balanced lunchtime meal?

The solution – Time2Eat. Our digital experience app allows students to create accounts, load money, browse the lunch offer and pre-order in advance, scheduling a collection time for an agreed pick-up point.

Providing a seamless user experience, Time2Eat’s loyalty scheme and incentives increases footfall and improve efficiency. Not only is the student experience revolutionised, but the app also provides a wealth of data around food preference and allergens. Time2Eat not only complies with all safety laws around allergens, but also adds increased control measures.

Time2Eat also aims to support an increase in the uptake of free-school meals. With the allowance being loaded onto user accounts, this discretionary measure will allow FSM students to order and collect food in the exact same manner as non-users.

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