‘Heat Grub’ launched in partnership with Clevedon Secondary School

'Heat Grub' Initiative

We have proudly partnered with Clevedon Secondary School to launch a new local ‘Heat Grub’ initiative, which provides a filling three-course meal to anyone in the local community who needs it most.

Recognising the need to support the local community and the financial pressures facing people this winter, we launched the initiative to help those dealing with the challenges from the cost-of-living crisis.

Running every Wednesday night, from 5pm-7pm throughout January, at the local town hall in Clevedon, ‘Heat Grub’ is an opportunity for families and individuals in the local community to come together and enjoy nutritious, quality meals, which they might not otherwise have access to. People can also choose how much, if anything, they would like to pay for the food, depending on what they are able to afford.

On the menu will be a selection of the nutritious meals we provide to the school itself, including soup, lasagne and sticky toffee pudding. We’ll also be offering a number of meal options for those with specific allergies and dietary requirements, including gluten free and dairy free soup, vegan and gluten free Chow Mein and a selection of fruit for dessert, further highlighting our commitment to give everyone access to nutritious meals.

And it’s not just about the food. Throughout the evening, families will be able to enjoy live music and a selection of board games – making it a memorable evening for all! In addition, our expert catering team will be on hand to answer any cooking questions people may have, so everyone can learn how to enjoy these types of recipes at home.

The initiative also acts as a reminder for any families that are struggling with the cost-of-living, to check whether their children are eligible for free school meals, which can be done by applying through the local authority.

Stephen Fudge, our Catering Manager here at Chartwells said: “We know these are particularly challenging times for everyone who are faced with huge financial burdens. That is why partnerships, such as this one with Clevedon Secondary School, are more important than ever, in ensuring everyone has access to healthy and nutritious food, in particular those that need it most. By investing in initiatives such as ‘Heat Grub’ and supporting the communities we serve, we can make sure that nobody slips through the cracks and that everyone has an equal opportunity to experience what a powerful tool food is - helping to bring the local community together and fuel learning as well."

Jim Smith, Headteacher, Clevedon Secondary School said: “The cost-of-living crisis is having a huge impact on people in our local area, so the ‘Heat Grub’ initiative is a fantastic way to feed the community who may not be able to afford healthy, nutritious food. Chartwells has already had such a positive impact on Clevedon, not only providing high-quality school meals but also undertaking a range of activities and workshops with our pupils, so they can learn about the importance of healthy and nutritious food. That’s why we’re thrilled to extending our partnership with Chartwells through this initiative, working with the business which shares the same passion for feeding all generations at a time of economic uncertainty."