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Inspiring pupils and students through culinary excellence

Encouraging lifelong positive wellbeing and sustainability behaviours through fantastic food is the mission at the heart of our partnership with St. Faith’s School, where we’re proud to have provided world-class catering and housekeeping services for more than 20 years.

In 2018, when St. Faith’s School chose Chartwells Independent once again to feed their 549 pupils and students between 4-13-years-old, we combined our heritage and experience with passion and creativity to exceed all expectations.

Cultivating a love of new and nutritious foods

Our talented in-house team, led by Catering Manager Peter Burt and Head Chef Malcolm Wood, go above and beyond to introduce new ingredients and flavours to St. Faith’s School. We’ve even implemented an in-house smoker, to bring exciting plant-forward dishes, such as smoked cauliflower, to the table for our pupils and students. 

From southern fried oyster mushrooms to sushi and moules marinières, our culinary professionals prepare a diverse selection of dishes every day – each inspired by global cuisines and cooked to expand our pupils’ and students’ understanding of great food.  

Our culinary teams believe wholeheartedly in the power of nutritionally balanced school food, and have developed a range of low-sugar food concepts for the wellbeing of every pupil. Today, St. Faith’s School loves our range of delicious vegetable-based cakes – with options ranging from apple and kale to pea and vanilla! 

Innovating for more sustainable school food services

To inspire our pupils and students to make positive choices for the health of themselves and the planet, we knew we needed to lead from example. This meant not just evaluating the food we cook and serve, but how we reduce and manage the waste we generate in the most environmentally responsible way possible. 

We achieved this by introducing the Winnow system, an innovative waste management solution. In the first two years, we saw an incredible food waste reduction of 40%, which is the equivalent to a reduction of 7,000 meals every year! Since then, we’ve seen food waste continue to decrease.

Our teams consistently look for opportunities to minimise our partnership’s footprint through sustainable dining experiences – making sure that St. Faith’s School continues to benefit from our forward-thinking and values-led approach to catering. 

Talk to our business development team

Whether you’d like to discuss how our school and education catering experiences could inspire your pupils or students, or you’re interested in partnering with our brilliant teams across the UK, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always happy to help! For all other enquiries, please visit our other enquiries page. 


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